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For real estate transactions in the United States, real estate agent functions after efficient contract establishment (escrow start), a system that efficiently hands over property delivery by dividing work and exchanging roles with each expert is functioning. Experts involved in contracts include real estate agent, housing loan officer (mortgage broker), escrow officer, home inspector, appraiser (real estate appraiser), title company (title labor guarantee company), etc. I will introduce you.




1. Real Estate Brokers and Agents


<Relationship between broker and agent>


A broker is a company that can run a real estate distribution business with a state license (Japanese homebuilder). The subject of the sales contract is a broker and is responsible for the contract.

A real estate agent (chief of Japanese houses built) will pass the exam set by the state, belong to the real estate company managed by the broker, and promote the real estate trading business under the supervision of the broker. The commission paid by the customer as compensation for the work is paid to the broker and the agent receives a certain proportion from the broker.





In the US, the seller will bear the full commission of the real estate deal (agency commission). In Japan, brokerage commissions for real estate distribution transactions are paid to agents on their own side by sellers and buyers (3% of purchase price + 60,000 yen is the upper limit), and in the United States commission arising in the operations of seller side and buyer side , The seller bears the total amount (total of about 6% of the sales price), the seller, the agent of the buyer receive it in proportion that it splits it.



<Role of agent>


In real estate transactions, agents act on behalf of their buyers and sellers' customers with the utmost attention, sincerity and loyalty, acting on their respective intentions.


The real estate agent on the buyer side is called Selling Agent to search and introduce properties that meet the customer's requirements, arrange tours and accompany you to advise on property conditions, caution points on sale and the like. We will make an offer to purchase property and negotiate to accept it, after reviewing the contract we will review buyer's inspections and disclosure together, and also check whether there is any problem in the condition of the property. Also, we will progress management so that loan and escrow processes will proceed as planned properly.


The agent on the seller side is called the Listing Agent, and after receiving a request to sell the property, it conducts sales activities such as registration to MLS, creation of postcards and flyers, distribution / announcement, open house and so on. Upon receipt of the offer and commencement of contract, it will be in cooperation with the buyer 's inspection and negotiations with the buyer side.


Real estate information in the United States is registered in the system called MLS, real estate agents can look up details such as past transaction examples and owner information. These information are provided fairly to real estate agents, and the main information is also provided to private real estate websites, and the general public can also easily collect information. Therefore, as a role of real estate agents, it is more important to judge whether there is a problem in purchased property than providing property information, progress of purchase procedure, negotiation during offer and negotiation, care after purchase, etc. I will.



2. Mortgage Officer


The mortgage officer plays an important role in executing the loan of the buyer in real estate transactions, as it is an expert on lending loans when purchasing homes and refinancing loans. The loan review of the mortgage becomes severe each year after the Lehman shock, and the documents to be submitted are extremely complicated, but we will promote smooth declaration, real estate appraisal, loan review during the limited period of escrow .



3. Escrow Officer


Escrow Officer, as a third party organization for fairly conducting sales contracts, adjusts terms related to contracts based on sales contract documents, arrangements / confirmation of documents, settlement, etc.



4. Title company


It is a company that guarantees the new owner's name and mortgage settlement by clearing all the arrangements for rewriting the registered name and, in that case, the registration's obligation.



5. Appraiser (real estate appraiser)


To be an expert who creates a real estate appraisal report that objectively evaluates the real price of a real estate, it is a qualified person who has been approved by the state, in order to confirm the collateral value of the property by receiving an order from the financial institution We will appraise to. The assessment method creates estimates taking into consideration the "sales price of neighboring similar property", "new construction cost of similar property", "expected rental income" etc. comprehensively.



6. Home inspector


Experts hired by buyers to investigate the condition of the property after contract establishment (establishment of escrow). From the state of the roof and under the floor, we will investigate the operation situation of the kitchen, the bathroom etc such as the bathroom etc, the equipment situation, the electrical system etc., the place of breakdown, necessity of repair and create the report. Based on the contents of this and the disclosure document on the property submitted by the seller, the buyer side has the opportunity to confirm whether the contract can be performed to the end.






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